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Homphone list

Lesson 154.

ruff, an article of dress.     roar, to make a loud noise.
rough (ruf), uneven.           row’er, one who rows.
retch, to vomit.               sail, a sheet of canvas.
wretch, a miserable person.    sale, the act of selling.
rode, did ride.                seen, beheld.
road, a way; route.            scene, a view.
rowed, did row.                seine, a net for fishing.
room, an apartment.            slay, to kill.
rheum, a serous fluid.         sleigh, a vehicle on runners.
sow, to scatter seed.          sley, a weaver’s reed.
sew (so), to use a needle.     seem, to appear.
so, thus; in like manner.      seam, a line of junction.


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Lesson 135.

rack, an engine of torture.   write, to make letters.
wrack, a sea-plant.           wright, a workman.
rap, to strike.               roe, eggs of a fish.
wrap, to roll together.       row, to impel with oars.
reck, to heed; to care.       rose, a flower.
wreck, destruction.           rows, does row.
rice, a kind of grain.        roes, plural of roe.
rise, increase; ascent.       sees, beholds.
rite, a ceremony.             seas, large bodies of  water.
right, not wrong.             seize, to lay hold of

List of Homophones

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A large list of Homophones Beginning With C – Spelling Vocabulary Words
cache, cash

cachou (-s), cashew (-s)

calendar (-s), calender (-s)

calix (-es), calyx (-es)

calk (-s), caulk (-s)

call (-s), caul (-s), cawl (-s)

callous, callus

cam (-s), camb (-s)

canape (-s), canopy (-ies)

cane, cain

cannon (-s), canon (-s)

cant, can’t

canter (-s), cantor (-s)

canvas (-es), canvass (-es)

capital, capitol

carat (-s), caret, carrot (-s), karat (-s)

carie, carry

carol (-s), carrel (-s), charol (-s)

caries, carries

cart (-s), [carte], kart (-s)

cask (-s), casque (-s)

caster, castor

cast (-s), caste (-s)

caudal, caudle

cause, caws

cedar (-s), seeder (-s)

cede (-s), seed (-s)

ceil (-s), seal (-s), seel (-s)

ceiling (-s), sealing (-s)

cell (-s), sell (-s)

cellar (-s), seller (-s)

censer (-s), censor (-s), sensor (-s)

census, senses

cent, scent, sent

cense, cents, scents, sense

cere (-s), sear (-s), seer (-s), sere

cereal (-s), serial (-s)

cession, session

chance, chants

chard, charred

chary, cherry

chased, chaste

cheap, cheep

chews, choose

chic, sheik

chili, chilly, [Chile] (?)

choir (-s), quire (-s)

choler, collar

choral (-s), coral (-s)

chorale (-s), corral (-s)

chord (-s), cord (-s), cored

chordate, cordate

chott (-s), shot (-s)

chough (-s), chuff (-s)

chronical, chronicle

chute (-s), shoot (-s)

cirrus, serous

cite (-s), sight (-s), site (-s)

cited, sighted, sited

clack (-s), claque (-s)

clause, claws

clew (-s), clue (-s)

click (-s), clique (-s), klick (-s)

climb (-s), clime (-s)

close, clothes (?)

coal, kohl

coarse, corse, course

coat (-s), cote (-s)

coax, cokes

coffer (-s), cougher (-s)

coign (-s), coin (-s), quoin (-s)

collard, collared

colonel (-s), kernel (-s)

come (-s), cum (-s)

comedy, comity (?)

competence, competents

complacent, complaisant

complacence, complaisance

complement (-s,-ary), compliment (-s,-ary)

conceded, conceited (?)

conch (-s), conk (-s)

concord, conquered (?)

continence, continents

coo (-s), coup (-s)

coulee, coolie, coolly

coop (-s), coupe (-s)

cops, copse

coquet, coquette

core, corps

correspondence, correspondents

cosher, kosher

cosign (-s), cosine (-s)

council (-s), counsel (-s)

councillor (-s), counselor (-s)

cousin (-s), cozen (-s)

coward, cowered, cowherd (?)

crape (-s), crepe (-s)

creak (-s), creek (-s)

crewed, crude

crewel, cruel

crews, cruise, cruse

cubical, cubicle

cubit, qubit [quantum bit]

cue (-s), queue (-s), [Q]

currant (-s), current (-s)

curser (-s), cursor (-s)

cymbal (-s), symbol (-s)

cygnet (-s), signet (-s)

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List of Homonyms – List of Homophones
Lesson 111.

hall, a large room.             hoop, a ring; a band.
haul, to drag by force.         whoop, to make a noise.
hay, dried grass.               hied, made haste.
hey! an exclamation.            hide, to conceal.
hare, an animal.                hoard, to lay up.
hair, of the head.              horde, a tribe.
heal, to cure.                  hoes, plural of hoe.
heel, hinder part of the foot.  hose, stockings.
                                jam, a conserve of fruit.
hire, wages.                    jamb, the sidepiece of a
high’er, more high.                   door or fireplace.
hoe, a farming tool.            knead, to work dough.
ho! an exclamation.             need, want.

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Homophones – List of Homophones

Lesson 60.


bight, a bay.                    piece, a part.
bite, to seize with the teeth.   peace, quietness.
bloat, to swell.                 new, not old.
blote, to dry and smoke.         knew, did know.
board, a plank.                  gnu, a quadruped.
bored, did bore.                 limb, a branch.
bread, food.                     limn, to draw or paint.
bred, reared.                    arc, part of a circle.
blue, a color.                   ark, a vessel.
blew, did blow.                  prays, supplicates.
boar, the male swine.            praise, honor.
bore, to pierce.                 preys, spoils.

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