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Spelling – Homophones
Lesson 209.
med’al, a stamped coin.        pen’cil, used for writing.
med’dle, to interfere.         pen’sile, hanging.
mi’nor, one under age.         pet’ty, small; little.
mi’ner, a worker in mines.     pet’it’, a term in law.
mit’y, full of mites.          pom’ace, ground apples.
might’y, powerful.             pum’ice, a spongy stone.
na’val, of ships.              rig’or, severity; stiffness.
na’vel, the central part.      rig’ger, one who rigs.
cen’sor, one who censures.     suck’er, a kind of fish.
cens’er, a pan for incense.    suc’cor, help; assistance.
pan’nel, a kind of saddle.     sur’plus, excess.
pan’el, a jury roll.           sur’pluce, a clerical dress.

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Homophones – Spelling – Homphones List

Lesson 206.
cen’su al, of the census.            phil’ter, a love-charm.
sen’su al, carnal.                   great’er, larger.
coun’cil, an assembly.               gra’ter, that which grates.
coun’sel, advice.                    ho’ly, sacred; pure.
can’vas, a kind of coarse cloth.     whol’ly, entirely.
can’vass, to discuss.                mar’tin, a bird.
crew’el, worsted yarn.               mar’ten, a kind of weasel.
cru’el, inhuman; savage.             man’ner, form; method.
cyg’net, a young swan.               man’or, district.
sig’net, a seal.                     man’tel, shelf over a fireplace.
chol’er, anger; wrath.               man’tle, a cloak.
col’lar, for the neck.               mar’tial, warlike.
fil’ter, to strain.                  mar’shal, an officer.

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Homophones – Spelling – Homphones List
Lesson 205.
as cent’, steepness.             bur’y (ber’ry), to cover with earth.
as sent’, agreement.
an’chor, for a ship.             ber’ry, a small fruit.
ank’er, a liquid measure.        can’non, a great gun.
al’ter, to change.               can’on, a rule or law.
al’tar, a place for sacrifice.   ceil’ing, top of a room.
au’ger, an instrument.           seal’ing, as with wax.
au’gur, to foretell.             cel’lar, a lower room.
bur’row, hole for shelter.       sel’ler, one who sells.
bor’ough, a corporate town.      ces’sion, a giving up.
                                 ses’sion, a sitting.
bold’er, more bold.              cous’in, a relation.
bowl’der, a large pebble.        coz’en, to cheat.

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Spelling – Homonyms – Homophones
Lesson 202.
to, towards; unto.             vane, a weathercock.
too, also.                     vain, proud; empty.
two, one and one.              vein, a blood-vessel.
trey, three at cards.          waste, to consume; loss.
tray, a shallow vessel.        waist, part of the body.
vale, a valley; a dell.        ware, merchandise.
veil, a cover; a curtain.      wear, to use; to waste.
wait, to tarry; to stay.       way, a road; manner.
weight, heaviness; load.       weigh, to balance.
weighted, balanced.            week, seven days.
wade, to walk in water.        weak, not strong.
weth’er, a sheep.              wood, timber; a forest.
weath’er, state of the air.    would, preterit of will.

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Teaching Spelling – Homophones

Lesson 189.
tacks, small nails.              toe, part of the foot.
tax, import; duty.               tow, coarse part of flax.
throne, seat of a king.          tract, a region.
thrown, cast.                    tracked, followed.
team, horses hitched together    their, belonging to them.
teem, to bring forth.            there, in that place.
tear, water from the eye.        throw, to cast; to hurl.
tier, a row or rank.             throe, agony.
threw (thru), did throw.         tide, rising of the sea.
through, from end to end.        tied, bound; fastened.
time, duration.                  toad, a harmless reptile.
thyme, a pungent herb.           towed, drawn by a rope.

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Homophones – Words that sound alike and are spelled differently

Spelling – Teaching Spelling

Lesson 188.

roll, to turn over and over.    soar, to mount upward.
role, a part performed.         stake, a pointed stick.
sign, a token; a mark.          steak, a slice of flesh.
sine, a line in geometry.       step, a pace; a foot-print.
skull, part of the head.        steppe, a dreary plain.
scull, to impel a boat.         stoop, to bend forward.
sleeve, an arm cover.           stoup, a basin; a pitcher.
sleave, untwisted silk.         sum, the amount; whole.
slight, to neglect; feeble.     some, a part; a portion.
sleight, dexterity.             tale, that which is told.
soul, the immortal spirit.      tail, terminal appendage.
sole, bottom of the foot.       tare, allowance in weight.
sore, a hurt; painful.          tear, to rend; to lacerate.

Spelling Words Spelling Practice

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Homphone list

Lesson 154.

ruff, an article of dress.     roar, to make a loud noise.
rough (ruf), uneven.           row’er, one who rows.
retch, to vomit.               sail, a sheet of canvas.
wretch, a miserable person.    sale, the act of selling.
rode, did ride.                seen, beheld.
road, a way; route.            scene, a view.
rowed, did row.                seine, a net for fishing.
room, an apartment.            slay, to kill.
rheum, a serous fluid.         sleigh, a vehicle on runners.
sow, to scatter seed.          sley, a weaver’s reed.
sew (so), to use a needle.     seem, to appear.
so, thus; in like manner.      seam, a line of junction.

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