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Spelling – Homonyms – Homophones
Lesson 202.
to, towards; unto.             vane, a weathercock.
too, also.                     vain, proud; empty.
two, one and one.              vein, a blood-vessel.
trey, three at cards.          waste, to consume; loss.
tray, a shallow vessel.        waist, part of the body.
vale, a valley; a dell.        ware, merchandise.
veil, a cover; a curtain.      wear, to use; to waste.
wait, to tarry; to stay.       way, a road; manner.
weight, heaviness; load.       weigh, to balance.
weighted, balanced.            week, seven days.
wade, to walk in water.        weak, not strong.
weth’er, a sheep.              wood, timber; a forest.
weath’er, state of the air.    would, preterit of will.

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List of Homonyms – List of Homophones
Lesson 111.

hall, a large room.             hoop, a ring; a band.
haul, to drag by force.         whoop, to make a noise.
hay, dried grass.               hied, made haste.
hey! an exclamation.            hide, to conceal.
hare, an animal.                hoard, to lay up.
hair, of the head.              horde, a tribe.
heal, to cure.                  hoes, plural of hoe.
heel, hinder part of the foot.  hose, stockings.
                                jam, a conserve of fruit.
hire, wages.                    jamb, the sidepiece of a
high’er, more high.                   door or fireplace.
hoe, a farming tool.            knead, to work dough.
ho! an exclamation.             need, want.

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Lesson 67. Homonym Spelling Excercises

cit, a citizen. wreak, to revenge.
sit, to rest on a seat. reek, vapor.
duct, a channel. bier, a carriage for the dead.
ducked, plunged under. beer, fermented liquor.
chuff, a clown. rest, quietness; ease.
chough (chuf), a bird. wrest, to turn; to twist.
coin, metal stamped. ring, a circle.
coigne, a corner. wring, to twist.
cole, a kind of cabbage. rote, repetition.
coal, carbon. wrote, did write.
find, to discover. strait, a narrow channel.
fined, did fine; mulcted. straight, not crooked.
prints, calicoes. wave, an undulation.
prince, a king’s son. waive, to refuse.

Didn’t anyone notice that Exercises is spelled wrong – on a spelling blog?  Gadzooks.  I just noticed it myself.

Could it have been a typo in the original or … ?

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