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Spelling – Words which require Care in Spelling
Lesson 213.
Words which require Care in Spelling.
grief     do’ing        a byss’      hid’e ous
sheaf     stew’ing      a miss’      pre’vi ous
guile,    yeo’man       as sess’     im’pi ous
chyle     chlo’ral      ab’scess     a’que ous
rend      know’ing      sick’le      par’ti cle
wrench    go’ing        nick’el      crit’ic al
dearth    con dole’     tal’ents     dil’i gent
worth     con trol’     bal’ance     el’e gant
mirth     en roll’      si’lence     fal’li ble
earth     dis pel’      com peer’    prel’a cy
spurt     fore tell’    ad here’     jeal’ous y

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Spelling –
Lesson 212.
Words which require Care in Spelling.
scream    com’et      peb’ble    in ter cede’
screen    vom’it      reb’el     su per sede’
sheave    plum’met    sib’yl     col’o nize
sheet     sum’mit     spin’et    ad ver tise’
shield    ver’y       lin’net    par’a lyze
twirl     mer’ry      cam’el     se’cre cy
churl     bod’y       tram’mel   ec’sta sy
clerk     shod’dy     mam’mal    vac’il late
quirk     mud’dy      sev’en     fas’ci nate
fraud     stud’y      heav’en    co er’cion
broad     guin’ea     par’rot    de ter’sion
awe’d     nin’ny      clar’et    ex er’tion

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Lesson 210.
pal’let, a small bed.           com’pli ment, regard.
pal’ate, part of the mouth.     com’ple ment, fullness.
pal’ette, an oval board.        coun’sel or, an adviser.
em’i grate, to move out.        coun’cil or, member of a council.
im’mi grate, to move in.
cas’tor, the beaver.            straight’en, to make straight.
cast’er, one who casts.         strait’en, to narrow.
cur’rent, running.              cal’en dar, an almanac.
cur’rant, a small fruit.        cal’en der, a hot press.
cap’i tol, a public edifice.    sut’ler, an army trader.
cap’i tal, principal.           sub’tler, more subtle.

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If the suffix or verb ending begins with a vowel, drop the final e.

Examples: amuse + ing = amusing

                    Create + ity = creativity

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Lesson 187. Words properly accented on the first Syllable. 

con’strue    com’bat ant      pu’is sance
trav’erse    dis’pu tant      in’ter im
ramp’ant     gon’do la        au’top sy
ath’lete     pleth’o ra       tym’pa num
syr’inge     mis’chiev ous    wise’a cre
ex’tant      blas’phe mous    or’ches tral
brig’and     con’ver sant     im’po tent
con’cord     san’he drim      con’gru ent
dis’cord     con’tra ry       im’be cile
do’nate      pro’te an        pha’e ton
ob’long      dis’ci pline     ret’i na

Teaching Spelling – Spelling Words

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Lesson 166.

De signifies down or from; epi significs on, near, during; and ex has the
meaning out of. Ex also becomes e, ec, or ef.

de scend’    ex tract’    ep i dem’ic
de tract’    e vade’      ep’i lep sy
de note’     ef fuse’     ep i glot’tis
de vote’     ec’logue     ep i derm’is

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Lesson 165.

Con (Latin cum, with) signifies with or together; it takes the forms of
com, col, co, cog, and cor, for ease in pronunciation.

con vert’     con de scend’     con ven’tion al
com press’    com pan’ion       com pen sa’tion
col lect’     col’lo quy        col lat’er al
co here’      co-ex ist’        co-ex ten’sive
cog’nate      cog’ni zant       cog nos’ci ble
cor rect’     cor re spond’     cor o na’tion
con cur’      con vul’sion      con sec’u tive
con dign’     con vey’er        con se quen’tial
con form’     con tu’sion       con nat’u ral

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