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Spelling Games- Rhyming Ping-Pong Game:

Play in pairs.

The object is to name as many rhyming words as possible within a given time.

The player who calls out the last word when the time expires is the winner.

 For example, the first player says play, second player says stay, first player says hey, second says weigh, and so forth.


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Spelling Vocabulary Words – Homophones Beginning With I
 I (see aye)

 I’d (see eyed)

 ide (see eyed)

idyl (-s), idyll (-s), idle (-s), idol (-s)

ileum, ilium

 illicit (see elicit)

 illusive (see allusive)

 I’ll (see aisle)

 immanent, imminent (see eminent)

 immerge (see emerge)

impassable, impassible

impatience, impatiens

in, inn

incidence, incidents

incite, insight (?)

independence, independents

indict (-s), indite (-s)

indigence, indigents

inequity, iniquity (?)

innocence, innocents

instance, instants

 insure (see ensure)

intense, intents

 irrupt (see erupt)

 irruption (see eruption)

 isle (see aisle)

its, it’s

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Words in which the Plurals are formed irregularly.

As the Plural only is given, the teacher might require the pupil to ascertain the Singular, and to spell it.

mice           cri’ses     ter’mi ni
chil’dren      neb’u lae   a lum’ni
ver’te brae    stra’ta     syn op’ses   geese
{ kine, cows }
{ staves, staffs}
{ broth’ers,breth’ren }
{ pease, peas}
{ dies, dice}

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Homophones Beginning With K – Spelling Vocabulary Words
 karat (see carat)

 kart (see cart)

 kernel (see colonel)

key (-s), quay (-s)

 klick (see click)

knap, nap

knave (-s), nave (-s)

knead (-s), knee’d, need (-s)

 knew (see gnu)

knick (-s), nick (-s)

knicker (-s), nicker (-s)

knicks (obs. rare), nicks, nix

knight (-s), night (-s)

knit (-s), nit (-s)

knob (-s), nob (-s)

knock (-s), nock (-s)

knot, not

know, no, noh

knows, noes, nose

 kohl (see coal)

 kosher (see cosher)

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Homophones Beginning With the Letter L – Vocabulary Words – Spelling Homophones
laager (-s), lager (-s) (?)

lac, lack

lacks, lax

ladder, latter

lain, lane

lair (-s), layer (-s)

lam, lamb

lama, llama

laps, lapse

lase, lays, laze, leis

lay, lei, ley

laser, lazar

lea, lee

leach (-es), leech (-es)

lead, led

leader, lieder, liter

leaf, lief

leak (-s), leek (-s)

lean (-s), lien (-s)

leased, least

lends, lens

lessen, lesson

lesser, lessor

levee, levy

liable, libel

liar (-s), lyre (-s)

lichen, liken

licker, liquor

lickerish, licorice

lie (-s), lye (-s)

lightening, lightning

limb (-s), limn (-s)

linch, lynch

links, lynx

literal, littoral (?)

lo, low

load (-s), lode (-s), lowed

loan, lone

locks, lox

loop, loupe

loot (-s), lute (-s)

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Homophones Beginning With F – Spelling Vocabulary Words
facts, fax (?)

fail, faille

fain, fane, feign

faint (-s), feint (-s)

fair (-s), fare (-s)

fairy, ferry

faker (-s), fakir (-s)

fate, fete

faun (-s), fawn (-s)

fay, fey

faze (-s), phase (-s)

fear (-s), fere (-s)

feat, feet

fends, fens

fern, firn

ferule, ferrule

feudal, futile (?)

file (-s), phial (-s)

fill, faille

filter, philtre

finally, finely (?)

find, fined

fir (-s), fur (?)

fisher (-s), fissure (-s)

flacks, flax

flair (-s), flare (-s)

flea (-s), flee (-s)

flecks, flex

flew, flu (-s), flue (-s)

flocks, phlox

floe (-s), flow (-s)

flour (-s), flower (-s)

foaled, fold

for, fore, four

forbear, forebear (?)

forego (-s), forgo (-s)

formally, formerly (?)

forth, fourth

foreword, forward

foul (-s), fowl (-s)

‘fraid, frayed

franc, frank

frays, phrase

frees, freeze (-s), frieze (-s)

friar, fryer

fungous, fungus

furs, furze

fussed, fust

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Lesson 135.

rack, an engine of torture.   write, to make letters.
wrack, a sea-plant.           wright, a workman.
rap, to strike.               roe, eggs of a fish.
wrap, to roll together.       row, to impel with oars.
reck, to heed; to care.       rose, a flower.
wreck, destruction.           rows, does row.
rice, a kind of grain.        roes, plural of roe.
rise, increase; ascent.       sees, beholds.
rite, a ceremony.             seas, large bodies of  water.
right, not wrong.             seize, to lay hold of

List of Homophones

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