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Lesson 157.

In, also, has a negative meaning; it often becomes im, il, ir, or ig, for
the sake of sound.

in act’ive   in sin cere’   ir res’o lute
im prop’er   im po lite’    ir re lig’ious
il le’gal    il lu’sive     irre spect’ive
ig no’ble    ig’no rant     ir’ri ta ble

im ma te ri al’i ty         im prac ti ca bil’i ty
in di vis i bil’i ty        in de struc ti bil’i ty
in com pat i bil’i ty       ir re sist i bil’i ty
in com press i bil’i ty     im pen e tra bil’i ty


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Spelling Games- Rhyming Ping-Pong Game:

Play in pairs.

The object is to name as many rhyming words as possible within a given time.

The player who calls out the last word when the time expires is the winner.

 For example, the first player says play, second player says stay, first player says hey, second says weigh, and so forth.

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Lesson 155.

rude, uncivil; rough.       slow, not fast.
rood, fourth of an acre.    sloe, a kind of fruit.
serf, a slave; servant.     sun, the source of light.
surf, a swell of the sea.   son, a male child.
serge, a kind of cloth.     steel, refined iron.
surge, to rise; to swell.   steal, to rob; to pilfer.
sheer, pure; clear.         stile, steps over a fence.
shear, to cut or clip.      style, manner of writing.
side, a part; a margin.     stare, to look fixedly.
sighed, did sigh.           stair, a step.
slew (slu), did slay.       sweet, pleasing to the taste.
slue, to slip aside.        suite (swet), retinue.

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Homphone list

Lesson 154.

ruff, an article of dress.     roar, to make a loud noise.
rough (ruf), uneven.           row’er, one who rows.
retch, to vomit.               sail, a sheet of canvas.
wretch, a miserable person.    sale, the act of selling.
rode, did ride.                seen, beheld.
road, a way; route.            scene, a view.
rowed, did row.                seine, a net for fishing.
room, an apartment.            slay, to kill.
rheum, a serous fluid.         sleigh, a vehicle on runners.
sow, to scatter seed.          sley, a weaver’s reed.
sew (so), to use a needle.     seem, to appear.
so, thus; in like manner.      seam, a line of junction.

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Some means like or same, full of, or very; ward denotes in the direction
of; ure means state of; and y, full of, or composed of.

tire’some   cum’ber some   vent’ure some
east’ward   heav’en ward   aft’er ward
verd’ure    cur’va ture    im post’ure
smok’y      sin’ew y       sil’ver y

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Lesson 153.Kin, ling, let, and ule indicate smallness or diminution.

lamb’kin     man’i kin     la’dy kin
duck’ling    un’der ling   fos’ter ling
leaf’let     riv’u let     flag’eo let
glob’ule     mol’e cule    an i mal’cule

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Suffixes ion ment fy ance ence ory ous

Lesson 152.

Ion and ment denote the state of being, or the act of; fy, to make or
become; ance or ence, the act or state of; ive, having a tendency to, or
the power or nature of; ory, the power or nature of, or belonging to; and
ous, partaking of, or full of.

dis per’sion   di ver’sion    as per’sion
ex cep’tion    e lec’tion     con di’tion
a tone’ment    a gree’ment    dec’re ment
de’i fy        stu’pe fy      sat’is fy
an noy’ance    ac cord’ance   con cord’ance
oc cur’rence   ab hor’rence   in dul’gence
a mu’sive      con clu’sive   of fen’sive
cur’so ry      ar’mo ry       man’da to ry
dan’ger ous    li’bel ous     har mo’ni ous

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