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Lesson 134


They propose to alter the place of the altar. He cast his ballot for
mayor. The ballet dancer and the ballad singer arrived. The wine seller
lived in a cellar. He said that the cymbal was a symbol of music. They
sent an arrant rogue on the errand. His manner of conducting the manor did
not suit the lord. The prophet of Mammon foretold great profit. The relics
of the kingdom were saved by the relict of the king. The stature of the
statue of Liberty is fixed by statute.


More WordPress.com Teaching Spelling articles.

More WordPress.com Spelling articles.


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Lesson 133.

Ci, ce, and si with the sound of sh.

spe’cies     ju di’cial     ac ces’sion
o’cean       lo gi’cian     com pres’sion
so’cial      ma gi’cian     de clen’sion
spe’cial     mu si’cian     ex pres’sion
cru’cial     tac ti’cian    im pres’sion
pre’cious    op ti’cian     op pres’sion
pas’sion     pa tri’cian    pre ten’sion
man’sion     phy si’cian    suc ces’sion
pen’sion     pro vin’cial   trans gres’sion
ten’sion     fi nan’cial    ad mis’sion
tor’sion     om nis’cient   con cus’sion


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Lesson 132.

Examples in which sci, ti, and ci have the sound of sh.

auc’tion      au da’cious    ab er ra’tion
cau’tion      ca pa’cious    ad mi ra’tion
cau’tious     ve ra’cious    ad o ra’tion
gla’cial      fal la’cious   ad u la’tion
gra’cious     fu ga’cious    ag gra va’tion
spa’cious     lo qua’cious   ap pli ca’tion
Gre’cian      ra pa’cious    ap pro ba’tion
spe’cious     sa ga’cious    prep a ra’tion
par’tial      te na’cious    pres er va’tion
con’science   vi va’cious    proc la ma’tion
spe’cie       vo ra’cious    prof a na’tion

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Lesson 131.

Other examples in which final tion is pronounced shun.

men’tion    ab strac’tion   ed u ca’tion
sec’tion    at trac’tion    em ula’tion
frac’tion   de trac’tion    ex cla ma’tion
dic’tion    dis trac’tion   ex pec ta’tion
fic’tion    ex trac’tion    ex por ta’tion
fric’tion   in frac’tion    fer men ta’tion
junc’tion   pro trac’tion   gen er a’tion
ac’tion     re frac’tion    grav i ta’tion
cap’tion    re trac’tion    hab i ta’tion
op’tion     con trac’tion   il lus tra’tion
fac’tion    sub trac’tion   im por ta’tion

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Lesson 130.

Ti has often the sound of sh: followed by on, it is pronounced shun.

na’tion      ces sa’tion     de vi a’tion
pa’tient     col la’tion     dep re da’tion
fac’tious    cre a’tion      des per a’tion
frac’tious   dic ta’tion     lib er a’tion
sta’tion     do na’tion      me di a’tion
lo’tion      du ra’tion      mod er a’tion
mo’tion      e qua’tion      nu mer a’tion
no’tion      tes ta’tion     op er a’tion
po’tion      for ma’tion     tol er a’tion
por’tion     frus tra’tion   trep i da’tion
quo’tient    gra da’tion     val u a’tion

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Lesson 129.

X with the sound of gz; as exact, pronounced egz act’.

ex act’     ex act’ly      ex ag’g’er ate
ex ist’     ex am’ine      ex an’i mate
ex ult’     ex em’plar     ex as’per ate
ex hale’    ex er’tion     ex ec’u trix
ex haust’   ex hib’it      ex hil’a rate
ex ert’     ex ist’ence    ex on’er ate
ex hort’    ex ist’ent     ex em’pli fy
ex ude’     ex ot’ic       ex or’bi tant
ex ergue’   ex haust’ive   ux o’ri ous

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Learning Homophones – Words sounding alike but spelled differently.

Spelling Lesson 128.

pail, a wooden vessel.     Paul, a man’s name.
pale, not bright.          pall, a covering.
pear, a fruit.             pique, to give offense.
pare, to cut thin.         peak, the top.
pair, a couple.            peer, a nobleman.
raze, to pull down.        pier, a wharf
raise, to lift up.         quartz, a kind of rock.
rays, beams of light.      quarts, measures.
pain, uneasiness.          plain, smooth.
pane, a square of glass.   plane, a surface; tool.
peel, rind; skin.          quire, twenty-four sheets of paper.
peal, a sound of bells.
port, a harbor.            choir (kwir), a band of singers.
Porte, a Turkish court.

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