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Spelling Lesson 127.

In words like the following, U should receive its proper consonant sound;
as nature, pronounced nat’yur.

nat’ure      sig’na ture    ag’ri cult ure
creat’ure    sep’ul ture    leg’is la ture
feat’ure     fur’ni ture    ar’chi tect ure
fut’ure      for’feit ure   tem’per a ture
capt’ure     lig’a ture     lit’er a ture
rapt’ure     ap’er ture     flo’ri cult ure
text’ure     quad’ra ture   ju’di ca ture
pict’ure     ad vent’ure    hor’ti cult ure
script’ure   con ject’ure   man u fact’ure

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Teaching Dictation 

Lesson 126.


His assistants gave him great assistance.

He was the deviser of the machine.

Which is the larger, the divisor or the quotient?

This difference being settled, he will pay due deference to your opinion.

The ingenious mechanic was also an ingenuous man.

Not a lineament could be recognized by his friends.

Apply to the wound a healing liniment.

The principal in the agreement was devoid of moral principle.

Though a great liar, he could play upon the lyre.

The rabbit was tame.

The carpenter will rabbet the boards.

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These are not exactly homonyms or homophones but the sounds are very similar.

Lesson 125.

NOTE.–These words are not exactly alike in sound, and should be carefully distinguished.

as sist’ance, help; relief         rab’bit, an animal.
as sist’ants, helpers.             rab’bet, a term in carpentry.
de vis’er, an inventor.
di vi’sor, a term in Arithmetic.   lin’e a ment, a feature.
                                   lin’i ment, an ointment.
def’er ence, respect.              prin’ci pal, chief
dif’fer ence, variation.           prin’ci ple, rule of action.
in gen’u ous, open; free.          li’ar, one who tells lies.
in gen’ious, having skill.         lyre, a kind of harp.

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Lists of Spelling Words

Lesson 124.

scrive’ner   friv’o lous    fru gal’i ty
slug’gard    im’age ry      gram mat’ic al
stub’born    in’di go       hi lar’i ty
sub’urbs     in’sti gate    hu man’i ty
symp’tom     liq’ui date    in hab’it ant
med’ley      pil’grim age   i ras’ci ble
peas’ant     fish’er y      le gal’i ty
pheas’ant    hick’o ry      lo cal’i ty
pen’sive     in’ter est     lo quac’i ty
pres’ence    mit’ti mus     men dac’i ty
read’y       min’strel sy   ra pac’i ty

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Lesson 123.


brid’al, belonging to a bride.    met’al, a substance.
                                                     met’tle, spirit.
bri’dle, a check; a curb.         vice, defect; fault.
les’son, a task for recitation.   vise, an instrument.
                                  wail, to lament.
less’en, to make less.            wale, to mark with stripes.

Filled with choler, he seized the youth by the collar. The priest filled
the censer. He is a censor of the press. The ship took divers persons as
divers for pearls. The plaintiff assumed a plaintive air. To lessen the
number of exercises, will make an easier lesson.

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Spelling Words – Pronunciation

Lesson 122.

In words like the following, sier, zier, sure, zure, su, sion, and
sia are pronounced zhur, zhur, zhu, zhun, and zha.

bra’sier    em bra’sure    cas’u al ly
gla’zier    e ras’ure      cas’u ist ry
gra’zier    e va’sion      treas’ur er ship
ras’ure     in va’sion     us’u al ly
seiz’ure    per sua’sion   pleas’ur a ble
ho’sier     ad he’sion     meas’ur a ble
o’sier      co he’sion     oc ca’sion al
fu’sion     am bro’sia     pro vis’ion al
az’ure,     dis clos’ure   u su’ri ous
meas’ure    ex plo’sion    dis com pos’ure
pleas’ure   col lu’sion    in de cis’ion

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Lesson 121.

cir’cus     ca pac’i ty      an’a gram
cur’few     com par’i son    am’bi ent
cur’tain    com par’a tive   al’li gate
fer’tile    com pat’i ble    cal’a mine
fer’vid     con cav’i ty     hal’cy on
fur’nace    de clar’a tive   Jes’u it
fur’long    di ag’o nal      ped’i gree
mer’maid    di am’e ter      reg’is ter
nerv’ous    dog mat’ic al    rev’el ry
pur’chase   em bas’sa dor    skep’tic al
sur’face    de prav’i ty     ver’i ly

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