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Lesson 202.
to, towards; unto.             vane, a weathercock.
too, also.                     vain, proud; empty.
two, one and one.              vein, a blood-vessel.
trey, three at cards.          waste, to consume; loss.
tray, a shallow vessel.        waist, part of the body.
vale, a valley; a dell.        ware, merchandise.
veil, a cover; a curtain.      wear, to use; to waste.
wait, to tarry; to stay.       way, a road; manner.
weight, heaviness; load.       weigh, to balance.
weighted, balanced.            week, seven days.
wade, to walk in water.        weak, not strong.
weth’er, a sheep.              wood, timber; a forest.
weath’er, state of the air.    would, preterit of will.

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Homophones – Words that sound alike and are spelled differently

Spelling – Teaching Spelling

Lesson 188.

roll, to turn over and over.    soar, to mount upward.
role, a part performed.         stake, a pointed stick.
sign, a token; a mark.          steak, a slice of flesh.
sine, a line in geometry.       step, a pace; a foot-print.
skull, part of the head.        steppe, a dreary plain.
scull, to impel a boat.         stoop, to bend forward.
sleeve, an arm cover.           stoup, a basin; a pitcher.
sleave, untwisted silk.         sum, the amount; whole.
slight, to neglect; feeble.     some, a part; a portion.
sleight, dexterity.             tale, that which is told.
soul, the immortal spirit.      tail, terminal appendage.
sole, bottom of the foot.       tare, allowance in weight.
sore, a hurt; painful.          tear, to rend; to lacerate.

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Homphone list

Lesson 154.

ruff, an article of dress.     roar, to make a loud noise.
rough (ruf), uneven.           row’er, one who rows.
retch, to vomit.               sail, a sheet of canvas.
wretch, a miserable person.    sale, the act of selling.
rode, did ride.                seen, beheld.
road, a way; route.            scene, a view.
rowed, did row.                seine, a net for fishing.
room, an apartment.            slay, to kill.
rheum, a serous fluid.         sleigh, a vehicle on runners.
sow, to scatter seed.          sley, a weaver’s reed.
sew (so), to use a needle.     seem, to appear.
so, thus; in like manner.      seam, a line of junction.

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Spelling Vocabulary Words – Homophones Beginning With I
 I (see aye)

 I’d (see eyed)

 ide (see eyed)

idyl (-s), idyll (-s), idle (-s), idol (-s)

ileum, ilium

 illicit (see elicit)

 illusive (see allusive)

 I’ll (see aisle)

 immanent, imminent (see eminent)

 immerge (see emerge)

impassable, impassible

impatience, impatiens

in, inn

incidence, incidents

incite, insight (?)

independence, independents

indict (-s), indite (-s)

indigence, indigents

inequity, iniquity (?)

innocence, innocents

instance, instants

 insure (see ensure)

intense, intents

 irrupt (see erupt)

 irruption (see eruption)

 isle (see aisle)

its, it’s

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Spelling Vocabulary Word Lists – Homophones Beginning With J
jalousie, jealousy (?)

jam (-s), jamb (-s)

 jean (see gene)

 jell (see gel)

 jibe (see gibe)

jinks, jinx

 jire (see gyre)

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Lists of Hompophones – Homophones Beginning With G

gaff, gaffe

gage, gauge

gait (-s), gate (-s)

gamble (-s), gambol (-s)

gang, gangue

gays, gaze

gel (-s), jell (-s)

gene (-s), jean (-s)

gibe (-s), jibe (-s)

gild, gilled, guild

gilt, guilt

 gin (see djinn)

glair (-s), glare (-s)

glutenous, glutinous

gnaw, naw

gneiss, nice

gnomic, nomic

gnu (-s), knew, new (-s)

goaled, gold

gored, gourd

gorgeous, gorges (?)

gorilla, guerrilla

grade, grayed

grate, great

grays, graze

grip, grippe

grisly, gristly (?), grizzly

groan, grown

grocer, grosser

guarantee, guaranty

guest, guessed

guide, guyed

guise, guys

gyre, jire

Lists of Homophones « Spelling – Teaching Spelling

Homophones Beginning With F – List of Homophones · Words in which Y final is changed into ies in the Plural · Words in which f and fe are changed into …

Lists of Homophones « Spelling – Teaching Spelling

This site has many additional lists of homophones. Just use the search box above to search for homophones or “list of homophones” and you will be able to find these listings.

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Homophones Beginning With K – Spelling Vocabulary Words
 karat (see carat)

 kart (see cart)

 kernel (see colonel)

key (-s), quay (-s)

 klick (see click)

knap, nap

knave (-s), nave (-s)

knead (-s), knee’d, need (-s)

 knew (see gnu)

knick (-s), nick (-s)

knicker (-s), nicker (-s)

knicks (obs. rare), nicks, nix

knight (-s), night (-s)

knit (-s), nit (-s)

knob (-s), nob (-s)

knock (-s), nock (-s)

knot, not

know, no, noh

knows, noes, nose

 kohl (see coal)

 kosher (see cosher)

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