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Lesson 187. Words properly accented on the first Syllable. 

con’strue    com’bat ant      pu’is sance
trav’erse    dis’pu tant      in’ter im
ramp’ant     gon’do la        au’top sy
ath’lete     pleth’o ra       tym’pa num
syr’inge     mis’chiev ous    wise’a cre
ex’tant      blas’phe mous    or’ches tral
brig’and     con’ver sant     im’po tent
con’cord     san’he drim      con’gru ent
dis’cord     con’tra ry       im’be cile
do’nate      pro’te an        pha’e ton
ob’long      dis’ci pline     ret’i na

Teaching Spelling – Spelling Words

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Lesson 168.

Compound Words promiscuously arranged.

ale’-house lime’-kiln hedge’hog
hail’stone boat’man pen’knife
lay’man four’score grist’-mill
safe’guard load’stone mid’night
waist’coat oat’meal pitch’fork
bee’-hive pole’-star ship’wreck
key’-stone snow’-drop wrist’band
knee’-pan sports’man block’head
bride’groom jew’s’-harp cross’-bow
light’-house luke’warm off’spring

Teaching Spelling – Teaching Compound Words

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Affixes – Prefixes
Lesson 160.

Fore adds its own meaning to the word; as foretaste, to taste before; pre is from the Latin prae, before; ante (Latin), before. Anti (Greek), means against or opposite.

fore’sight   fore tell’er      fore bod’ing ly
fore’most    fore knowl’edge   fore de ter’mine
fore know’   fore’cas tle      pre med’i tate
pre fix’     pre cau’tion      pre oc’cu py
pre judge’   pre ced’ing       pre-em’i nent
pre serve’   pre des’tine      an te pas’chal
pre sage’    an’te past        an te mun’dane
pre text’    an’te date        an te nup’tial
fore warn’   an’ti pode        an ti cli’max
fore’front   an’ti dote        an ti feb’rile

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Affixes – Prefixes

Lesson 159.

Post is a Latin word, meaning after.

post’script    post-di lu’vi an    post me rid’i an
post’-date     post po si’tion     post’hu mous ly

Other words are formed by prefixing the English word post, a letter-carrier.

post’al         post’man      post’mark
post’-chaise    post’-town    post’-office
post-haste’     post’boy      post’mas ter

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The prefix after conveys its own meaning.

aft’er piece    aft’er noon    aft’er most
aft’er guard    aft’er math    aft’er-thought

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Lesson 158.

Dis is a Latin particle, and has the force of a negative or privative; as,
disagree, not to agree, disarm, to deprive of arms.

dis please’   dis ap pear’    dis con tin’ue
dis joint’    dis be lieve’   dis in her’it
dis lodge’    dis o blige’    dis or’gan ize
dis charge’   dis cour’age    dis sim’i lar
dis grace’    dis cov’er      dis crim’i nate

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