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Lesson 172.

Words spelled alike, whose Pronunciation and Meaning differ.

aye, always.                  conjure, to enchant.
aye, an affirmative vote.     bow, a weapon.
chose, did choose.            bow, part of a ship.
chose, a thing; a chattel.    chap, a boy.
bass, a term in music.        chap, the jaw.
bass, a fish.                 gout, a disease.
conjure’, to implore.         gout, taste; relish.


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Lesson 170.

Compound Words.

can’dle stick     post’al-card       but’ter fly
hand’ker chief    cop’y-book         wa’ter-fall
bed’-cham ber     oft’en times       gas’-me ter
ev’er green       type’-writ er      cler’gy man
gen’tle man       jour’ney man       bric’-a-brac
pep’per mint      hum’ming-bird      na’vy-yard
camp’-meet ing    musk’-mel on       fool’-hard y
mas’ter piece     blood’-ves sel     al might’y
pass’o ver        hon’ey-comb        by’stand er
fowl’ing-piece    stem’-wind er      bass’-vi ol
pow’der-horn      school’-mas ter    tale’-bear er

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Lesson 169.

Compound Words.

Lisle’-glove    night’fall      harts’horn
north-east’     book’-case      corn’-stalk
joint’-stock    foot’stool      loop’-hole
well’-bred      cork’screw      bur’dock
snuff’-box      watch’-word     whirl’pool
towns’man       broom’stick     fools’cap
house’wife      dooms’day       work’shop
char’coal       brown’-bread    for sooth’
out weigh’      down’right      down’cast
horn’pipe       tooth’ache      noon’day
heir’loom       air’brake       law’suit

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Lesson 168.

Compound Words promiscuously arranged.

ale’-house lime’-kiln hedge’hog
hail’stone boat’man pen’knife
lay’man four’score grist’-mill
safe’guard load’stone mid’night
waist’coat oat’meal pitch’fork
bee’-hive pole’-star ship’wreck
key’-stone snow’-drop wrist’band
knee’-pan sports’man block’head
bride’groom jew’s’-harp cross’-bow
light’-house luke’warm off’spring

Teaching Spelling – Teaching Compound Words

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Pro is a Latin preposition signifying for, before, and forth; uni (Latin
unus, one) signifies one or producing one; syn (sometimes syl and sym)
signifies together; and sub (sometimes suf, sup, and sug) denotes under,

pro’noun     u’ni ty        syn’the sis    sub scribe’
pro pel’     u’ni form      syl’la ble     suf’fix
pro duce’    u’ni corn      sym’pa thy     sup press’
pro vide’    u’ni val ve    syn tac’tic    sug gest’

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Lesson 167.

Mal signifies evil, ill; mono is from Greek monos, single; pan (Greek),
signifies all, every thing; and poly (Greek polus), many.

mal’con tent    ma li’cious    ma lev’o lent
mon’o tone      mon’o gram     mo nop’o Iy
pan’o ply       pan’the ist    pan o ra’ma
pol’y gon       pol’y pus      pol’y the ism

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Dia, ob, per, and circum mean respectively apart, against, through, and
around. With English words, dis gives a negative meaning.

dis tend’    dis sev’er        dis em bar’rass
ob trude’    ob lique’ly       ob lit’er ate
per plex’    per fect’ive      per sist’en cy
cir’cuit     cir cum volve’    cir cum ja’cent

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