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Lesson 130.

Ti has often the sound of sh: followed by on, it is pronounced shun.

na’tion      ces sa’tion     de vi a’tion
pa’tient     col la’tion     dep re da’tion
fac’tious    cre a’tion      des per a’tion
frac’tious   dic ta’tion     lib er a’tion
sta’tion     do na’tion      me di a’tion
lo’tion      du ra’tion      mod er a’tion
mo’tion      e qua’tion      nu mer a’tion
no’tion      tes ta’tion     op er a’tion
po’tion      for ma’tion     tol er a’tion
por’tion     frus tra’tion   trep i da’tion
quo’tient    gra da’tion     val u a’tion

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Lesson 129.

X with the sound of gz; as exact, pronounced egz act’.

ex act’     ex act’ly      ex ag’g’er ate
ex ist’     ex am’ine      ex an’i mate
ex ult’     ex em’plar     ex as’per ate
ex hale’    ex er’tion     ex ec’u trix
ex haust’   ex hib’it      ex hil’a rate
ex ert’     ex ist’ence    ex on’er ate
ex hort’    ex ist’ent     ex em’pli fy
ex ude’     ex ot’ic       ex or’bi tant
ex ergue’   ex haust’ive   ux o’ri ous

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List of Homophones Beginning With the letter D

Spelling Words that sound alike and are spelled differently.
dain, deign

dam (-s), damn (-s)

days, daze

dean (-s), dene (-s)

dear, deer

deem (-s), deme (-s)

delinquence, delinquents

dense, dents

dental, dentil

dependence, dependents

depravation (-s), deprivation (-s)

descent (-s), dissent (-s) (?)

deviance, deviants

devisor, divisor

dew (-s), do, due (-s)

dewed, dude

djinn, gin

die (-s), dye (-s)

died, dyed

dine, dyne

dire, dyer

disburse (-s), disperse (-s)

discreet, discrete

discussed, disgust

dissidence, dissidents

do [“re, mi”], doe, dough

doer, dour

does [f. deer], doze

done, dun

dos [“dos and don’ts”], dues

dost, dust

donjon, dungeon

dowiger (-s), dowitcher (-s)

draft (-s), draught (-s)

dray, drey

droop, drupe

dual, duel

ducked, duct

dyeing, dying

Spelling Homophones

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Games designed to teach spelling rules, words, and concepts

Game:  Compound Staircase:

The last small word in the compound word becomes the first small word in the next compound word.

Example:  Sunlight-Lighthouse-Housework-Workshop-Shopkeeper

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Learning Homophones – Words sounding alike but spelled differently.

Spelling Lesson 128.

pail, a wooden vessel.     Paul, a man’s name.
pale, not bright.          pall, a covering.
pear, a fruit.             pique, to give offense.
pare, to cut thin.         peak, the top.
pair, a couple.            peer, a nobleman.
raze, to pull down.        pier, a wharf
raise, to lift up.         quartz, a kind of rock.
rays, beams of light.      quarts, measures.
pain, uneasiness.          plain, smooth.
pane, a square of glass.   plane, a surface; tool.
peel, rind; skin.          quire, twenty-four sheets of paper.
peal, a sound of bells.
port, a harbor.            choir (kwir), a band of singers.
Porte, a Turkish court.

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Spelling Lesson 127.

In words like the following, U should receive its proper consonant sound;
as nature, pronounced nat’yur.

nat’ure      sig’na ture    ag’ri cult ure
creat’ure    sep’ul ture    leg’is la ture
feat’ure     fur’ni ture    ar’chi tect ure
fut’ure      for’feit ure   tem’per a ture
capt’ure     lig’a ture     lit’er a ture
rapt’ure     ap’er ture     flo’ri cult ure
text’ure     quad’ra ture   ju’di ca ture
pict’ure     ad vent’ure    hor’ti cult ure
script’ure   con ject’ure   man u fact’ure

Quote of the Day

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Homophones Beginning With B – Spelling Vocabulary Words
bad, bade (?)

bail (-s), bale (-s)

bait (-s), bate (-s)

baize, bays

bald, balled, bawled

ball (-s), bawl (-s)

balm (-s), bomb (-s)

band, banned

bans, banns, bands (?)

bard, barred

bare (-s), bear (-s)

bark (-s), barque (-s)

baron (-s), barren (-s)

barrel, beryl

base, bass

based, baste

bask, basque

baud, bawd

bay, bey

bazaar, bizarre

be, bee, [B]

beach (-es), beech (-es)

beat (-s), beet (-s)

beau, bow

been, bin (?)

beer (-s), bier (-s)

beetle, betel

belligerence, belligerents

bell (-s), belle (-s)

benzene, benzine

berg, burg

berger, burger, burgher

bergle, burgle

berry (-ies), bury (-ies)

berth (-s), birth (-s)

better, bettor

bight (-s), bite (-s), byte (-s)

billed, build

bird, burd, burred

blend (-s), blende (-s)

blew, blue

bloc, block

boar (-s), bore (-s)

board, bored

boarder (-s), border (-s)

bobbin, bobbing (?)

bocks, box

bode, bowed

bogey, bogie, bogy

bold, bolled, bowled

bolder, boulder

bole (-s), boll (-s), bowl (-s)

boos, booze

bootie, booty

born, borne

borough (-s), burro (-s), burrow (-s)

bough (-s), bow (-s)

bouillon, bullion

boulder, bolder

boy (-s), bouy (-s)

brae, bray

braid, brayed

brain (-s), brane (-s)

braise (-s), brays, braze (-s)

brake (-s), break (-s)

breach (-es), breech (-es)

bread, bred

brede (-s), breed (-s)

brewed, brood

brews, bruise

bridal, bridle

broom (-s), brougham (-s)

brows, browse

brr, burr

buccal, buckle

build, billed

burger (-s), burgher (-s)

burro (-s), burrow (-s)

bus (-es), buss (-es)

bussed, bust

but (-s), butt (-s)

buy (-s), by, bye (-s)

byre (-s), buyer (-s)

For much more on Homonyms, Homophones and Spelling Rules  <- Click here.

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