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Homophone List Beginning With H – Spelling Vocabulary Words
hail, hale

hair (-s), hare (-s)

hairy, harry

hall, haul

hallo, hallow (?)

halve, have

handsome, hansom

hangar (-s), hanger (-s)

hardy, hearty

hairier, harrier

hart (-s), heart (-s)

hay, hey

hays, haze

he’d, heed, heid

heal (-s), heel (-s), he’ll

hear, here

 heir (see air)

heard, herd

heroin, heroine (?)

hertz, hurts

hew (-s), hue (-s)

hi, hie, high

hide, hied

higher, hire

him, hymn

ho, hoe

hoar, whore

hoard, horde, whored

hoarse, horse

hoes, hose

hold, holed

hole (-s), whole (-s)

holey, holy, wholly

hoop, whoop

hostel, hostile

hour (-s), our (-s)

humerus, humorous

hurdle, hurtle (?)

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Lesson 119.

mode’, way; manner.          nay, no.
mowed, cut down.             neigh, to cry as a horse.
mule, an animal.             nit, egg of an insect.
mewl (mul), to squall.       knit, to unite.
mist, fine rain.             gneiss, a kind of mineral.
missed, did miss.
more, a greater quantity.    nice, delicate; fine.
mow’er, one who mows.        owe, to be bound.
muse, to meditate.           oh! alas!
mews (muz), an inclosure.    ode, a poem.
                             owed, indebted.
none, not one.               one (wun), a single thing.
nun, a religious woman.      won, gained.

List of Homophones

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Lesson 118.

lane, a narrow passage.        main, chief
lain, past participle of lie.  mane, hair on the neck of  a horse.
                               mail, armor.
lapse, to fall.                male, masculine.
laps, plural of lap.           mark, a sign.
leak, to run out.              marque, letters of reprisal.
leek, a kind of onion.         mead, a drink.
lo! behold!                    meed, reward.
low, not high.                 meet, fit; proper.
lore, learning.                mete, to measure.
low’er, more low.              meat, food in general.
maid, a maiden.                might, strength; power.
made, finished.                mite, a small insect.

List of Homophones

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Sounds of the letter S

Lesson 117.

In the following, S has the sound of sh as sure, (pro. shure).

sure’ly     cen’sure    fis’sure   is’su ance
sure’ness   press’ure   ton’sure   as sur’ance
sure’ty     is’sue      as sure’   in sur’ance
sug’ar      tis’sue     in sure’   in sur’er

The following words are spelled, according to analogy, with the
termination se.

con dense’   dis pense’   im mense’    pre tense’
de fense’    ex pense’    of fense’    sus pense’
re cense’    in cense’    pre pense’   li’cense

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It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.
– Albert Einstein 1879-1955

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Lesson 116.

In the following words, ng is pronounced as if the g were doubled; as
anger, pronounced ang’ger.

an’ger     lan’guor    jin’gle     youn’ger
an’gle     lan’guid    min’gle     con’ger
an’gry     man’gle     sin’gle     bun’gler
an’guish   man’go      tin’gle     hun’ger
clan’gor   san’guine   din’gle     hun’gry
dan’gle    span’gled   lon’ger     wran’gler
fan’gled   span’gle    lon’gest    fin’ger
jan’gle    tan’gle     stron’ger   lan’guish
ban’gle    wran’gle    bun’gle     un’guent

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I learned three important things in college – to use a library, to memorize quickly and visually, and to drop asleep at any time given a horizontal surface and fifteen minutes.
– Agnes de Mille.

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