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Spelling Quotes

Take care that you never spell a word wrong. Always before you write a word, consider how it is spelled, and, if you do not remember, turn to a dictionary. It produces great praise to a lady to spell well.
– Thomas Jefferson to his daughter

Quotes about Spelling


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Teaching Spelling

Spelling Lists

Lesson 112.

faith     theme    length    sor’row    sol’emn
scrape    chime    launch    dur’ing    hire’ling
strange   whilst   morgue    gib’bet    tres’pass
greet     smart    pledge    bod’kin    shil’ling
perch     badge    gourd     gos’ling   mat’tock
champ     dodge    schist    lob’by     ram’part
drench    brawl    flounce   tan’sy     tran’quil
squeeze   dwarf    screech   lock’et    cun’ning
grist     yawl     spasm     van’dal    her’ring
shrink    grant    starve    ex’tra     drug’gist
copse     spunk    scalp     cut’lass   spon’sor

Teaching Spelling

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Spelling Tests as Indications of Individual Differences

Source:  Principles of Teaching, by Adam S. Bennion, Superintendent of Church Schools,

Principles of

_Superintendent of Church Schools_

Designed for Quorum Instructors and Auxiliary Class
Teachers of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints.

Published by


Everybody is like everybody else in this–that everybody is different
from everybody else. Having discussed how all men enjoy a common
heritage by way of native endowments, let us now turn to a consideration
of how men differ.

Two of the terms most frequently met in recent educational publications
are statistical methods and individual differences. There is nothing
particularly new in this latter term–it merely represents a new
emphasis being given to the old idea that no two of us are alike. Every
parent is aware of the very marked differences in his children. Even
twins differ in disposition and mental capabilities. In fact, one of the
difficulties that attaches to parenthood is just this problem of making
provision in one household for such various personalities. 




     Fundamental significance of individual differences.–Typical
     illustration.–The truth illustrated physically; in range of voice,
     in speed, in mental capabilities.–The same truth applied
     spiritually.–Some cases in point.
In order that we may more fully appreciate the reality of these
observations let us set down the concrete results of a few experiments.

The first three tests are quoted from Thorndike:

In a test in addition, all pupils being allowed the same time,

   1 pupil  did  3 examples correctly
   2 pupils did  4 examples correctly
   1 pupil  did  5 examples correctly
   5 pupils did  6 examples correctly
   2 pupils did  7 examples correctly
   4 pupils did  8 examples correctly
   6 pupils did  9 examples correctly
  14 pupils did 10 examples correctly
   8 pupils did 11 examples correctly
   7 pupils did 12 examples correctly
   8 pupils did 13 examples correctly
   5 pupils did 14 examples correctly
   5 pupils did 15 examples correctly
   6 pupils did 16 examples correctly
   1 pupil  did 17 examples correctly
   5 pupils did 18 examples correctly
   1 pupil  did 19 examples correctly
   2 pupils did 20 examples correctly

The rapidity of movement of ten-year-old girls, as measured by the
number of crosses made in a fixed time:

   6 or  7  by       1 girl
   8 or  9  by       0 girl
  10 or 11  by       4 girls
  12 or 13  by       3 girls
  14 or 15  by      21 girls
  16 or 17  by      29 girls
  18 or 19  by      33 girls
  20 or 21  by      13 girls
  22 or 23  by      15 girls
  24 or 25  by      11 girls
  26 or 27  by       5 girls
  28 or 29  by       2 girls
  30 or 31  by       5 girls
  32 or 33  by       3 girls
  34 or 35  by       5 girls
  36 or 37  by       0 girl
  38 or 49  by       4 girls
  40 or 41  by       1 girl

Two papers, A and B, written by members of the same grade and class in a
test in spelling:

     A.            B.
  greatful      gratful
  elegant       eleagent
  present       present
  patience      paisionce
  succeed       suckseed
  severe        survere
  accident      axadent
  sometimes     sometimes
  sensible      sensible
  business      biusness
  answer        anser
  sweeping      sweping
  properly      prooling
  improvement   improvment
  fatiguing     fegting
  anxious       anxchus
  appreciate    apresheating
  assure        ashure
  imagine       amagen
  praise        prasy

In a test in spelling wherein fifty common words were dictated to a
class of twenty-eight pupils, the following results were obtained:

   2 spelled correctly all 50
   3 spelled correctly between 45 and 48
   5 spelled correctly between 40 and 45
  11 spelled correctly between 30 and 40
   6 spelled correctly between 20 and 30
   1 spelled correctly between 15 and 20

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List of Homonyms – List of Homophones
Lesson 111.

hall, a large room.             hoop, a ring; a band.
haul, to drag by force.         whoop, to make a noise.
hay, dried grass.               hied, made haste.
hey! an exclamation.            hide, to conceal.
hare, an animal.                hoard, to lay up.
hair, of the head.              horde, a tribe.
heal, to cure.                  hoes, plural of hoe.
heel, hinder part of the foot.  hose, stockings.
                                jam, a conserve of fruit.
hire, wages.                    jamb, the sidepiece of a
high’er, more high.                   door or fireplace.
hoe, a farming tool.            knead, to work dough.
ho! an exclamation.             need, want.

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Lesson 110.

false    naught   pitch    batch     edge
quart    sought   flitch   match     hedge
sward    bought   stitch   hatch     ledge
swarm    bright   fitch    latch     wedge
thwart   plight   hitch    patch     fledge
bilge    budge    fosse    breadth   twinge
bridge   judge    thong    breast    print
ridge    drudge   notch    cleanse   fling
hinge    grudge   blotch   friend    string
cringe   plunge   prompt   knell     swift

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Homophones Beginning With M – Spelling Vocabulary Words

macks, max

madder, matter (?)

made, maid

magnate (-s), magnet (-s) (?)

mail (-s), male (-s)

mall (-s), maul (-s)

main, mane

maize, mase, mays, maze

mall, maul

manikin, mannequin, [manakin]

manner, manor

mantle, mantel

mare (-s), mayor (-s)

marchal, marshal (-s), marshall (-s), martial

marquee, marquis

marten, martin

maser, mazer

mask, masque

massed, mast

mat, matte

me, mi [“do, re”]

mead, meed

mean (-s), mein (-s)

meat (-s), meet (-s), mete (-s)

medal (-s), meddle (-s), metal (-s), mettle (-s) (?)

meddler (-s), medlar (-s)

men’s, mends

mewl, mule

mews, muse

mho, mow

micks, mix

middy, midi

might, mite

mil, mill

mild, miled

millenary, millinery

mince, mints

mind, mined

miner, minor

minks, minx

missal, missile

missed, mist

moan, mown

moat (-s), mote (-s)

mode, mowed

mold (-s), mould (-s)

mood, mooed

moor, more

moose, mousse

mordant, mordent

morn, mourn

morning, mourning

mortar, morter

mucous, mucus

muscle, mussel

mussed, must, musth

mustard, mustered

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Lesson 109.

Miscellaneous Sounds.

bul’let    coop’er      nor’mal     pre cise’
bull’y     wool’en      or’phan     pre side’
bull’ock   cool’ly      tor’por     pro scribe’
bul’rush   scoun’drel   quar’ter    com mode’
bush’el    bal’sam      ac claim’   en gross’
bull’ion   squad’ron    o paque’    con sume’
crup’per   war’rant     sca lene’   pre sume’
cuck’oo    quad’rant    se cede’    be dew’

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